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Ava - Sharing stories she has written with you.

Hi my name is Ava.

I would like to share some stories with you!


Ava's Shopkin Blog!



Tart Gone Wrong

By : Ava Silva

    It was a dark and stormy night in Shopkin Vile. The streets are empty … except for … QUEEN OF TARTS!!! Every Shopkin locked their doors. Even Toastie Bread hid, and did not know what to do. After Ms. Tart lost the election, she went nuts. She wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps and rule her hometown.

    Ms. Tart destroyed everything in her path. Every Shopkin looked to Toastie Bread for leadership.  She did not know what to do.  Is Toastie Bread going to let every Shopkin down?  She could not let her friends down.  Toastie Bread marched up to Ms. Tart.  Toastie asked “How did you out of the dungeon?”  The Queen got no response.  She told Ms. Tart  “You need to stop and improve her behavior!...  I will have to exile you!” Ms. Tart stopped and was sent to the dungeon for 12 full years .

    Every Shopkin was happy, now that Ms .Tart was gone.  You would see Shopkins playing and having fun with one another.  Every Shopkin loved Toastie Bread.   


The New Queen !!!

By:Ava Silva


    It's voting day in Shopkinville and everyone is excited to see who will be queen! Queen of Tarts, Toastie Bread or Patty Cake who will it be? Who do you think? We are about to find out! Each of the runners gave their speech. ''I will be loyal and honest and will never let my shopkins down! '' said each candidate.

    Every shopkin has voted and the queen is … TOASTIE BREAD ! “It's really me. I can't believe it, this is the best day ever.'' Toastie Bread squealed.      

    What would she do? Toastie Bread gave her first order. It was to make a house for ever shopkin in Shopkinville everyone liked that . Toastie Bread clearly followed her oath.

    Toastie Bread went to her new home, a castle! She got a good night sleep because she knew the press will be at her door in the morning. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK !!!!!! The press came she was right. She opened the door and as soon as she did it was like a bomb of flashes and questions. She only answered a few before she smiled and said bye and shut the door. Queen of Tarts was not happy about losing and when she came to the castle she tried to talk Toastie Bread out of being queen so she could but Toastie Bread was not tricked and she sent Queen of Tarts to the dungeon .

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